• Drinking is prohibited strictly, in the front yard as well as inside the buildings
  • Smoking is prohibited strictly inside the buildings, but in the front yard is allowed
  • No pets are allowed
  • Do not make noise in and around the buildings
  • Cooked food is prohibited
  • Eating or keeping food are prohibited, but some kinds of snacks are allowed. For example fruits, chips, candy bars. Manage them hygienically, please. (You can eat any food at dorm cafeteria which is in Student Residence Hall 2 1st floor)
  • Maintain your room and other common facilities clean, cooperate with the segregated collection of garbage
  • Keep intact the dorm and your room facilities. For any damage or lost, you will take full responsibility for compensation
  • Wearing shoes is prohibited inside of the rooms. (Techno Dormitory, International Dormitory, Gaenari Dormitory)
  • Do not enter others’ room without permission
  • Under any circumstances, female students cannot enter male-dormitory and vice versa
  • Females and males are not allowed to share the same room, and do not accompany outsiders
  • Do not violate mutual privacy, and must avoid any disgusting behavior that can make others anxious and stressful
  • For safety, inflammable materials can not be carried, used and kept
  • Before going out, make sure the door is securely locked for preventing burglary
  • Before leaving the room, please turn off all electrical appliances for preventing
    fire accidents