Health insurance

Students are required to submit proof of insurance for the period of their stay in Korea. Those who do not submit proof of insurance are required to purchase insurance through a designated agency that Hanyang University will recommend upon the student’s arrival in Korea. In cases of emergency, students can go to the Hanyang University Medical Center for care. General assistance is always available at the Office of International Affairs.


Hanyang Univ. Medical Center 02-2290-8114

1Log in by clicking the link below. After log in, go to 학생종합정보(student general information).

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2Click on “각종 증명신청 및 발급 (order and issue variable verification)” menu in the left frame.
3Click on “진료할인 의뢰서 (a request for diagnosis and treatment confirmation)” button.
4If you fill out and print a letter of request when visiting a hospital, you can be treated at 10-20% discount.

In case of emergency, call 1339 (Seoul Emergency Medical Information Center)
Health Clinic Center: Student Health Center also provides various medical services for students. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Welfare Building.

Traditional Korean Medicine: Traditional Korean Medicine involves techniques in treatment and diagnosis such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, and aromatherapy. For minor health issues, traditional Korean Medicine is a decent, economical alternative to general hospitals.


Emergency Call (119 / 02+119):
If you require fire and/or ambulance assistance the emergency phone number is 119. If dialing from a mobile phone you must dial 02 first (02-119). The emergency services phone number has services available in 12 languages. Also the Hanyang University Hospital provides medical services 24 hours, and the Hanyang International Cooperation Hospital is specially designed for international patients.

Police (112 / 02+112):
If, during your stay, you require police intervention in a situation which cannot be resolved, the police can be reached by dialing 02+112 from a mobile phone, or 112 from a land line.