In all accommodation internet can be accessed through a wired LAN connection or WiFi. LAN cables are not provided but can be purchased at a department store nearby. In case there is no WiFi, you can share your computer’s internet connection with this device. Download Connectify (Windows) or Personal Hotspot (Mac). You can also purchase a wireless router at a department store nearby.


Practically the whole campus is covered by wireless internet accessible for students. You will find two wireless networks: “HYU-wlan” and “HYU-wlan (Setting Guide)”. In order to connect to the internet you first need to connect to “HYU-wlan (Setting Guide)”. Once connected, visit http://hyuwlan.hanyang.ac.kr/. Here you can download an application which you need in order to access the internet. Find the version you need (Windows/Mac) and install it on your computer.


After the installation is successfully completed, you can disconnect from “HYU-wlan (Setting Guide)”. Open the newly installed application and log in with your student-ID and password. The application will automatically scan for “HYU-wlan” and connect to it.

Mobile devices

For mobile devices you can find a detailed guide of how to connect your smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi also on http://hyuwlan.hanyang.ac.kr/. Android phones and iPhones normally do not have problems connecting, however BlackBerrys and Windows phones (from outside of Korea) may have problems connecting to the Wi-Fi due to unsupported security certificates.