How to get a student ID-card

This card is issued to all exchange students on arrival in order to use the school facilities. Upload your picture on the exchange student online application website, and you will receive the card. Without submitting the picture, student ID card will not be issued.

How to use it

Student ID card provides you an access to many school buildings. Tab the card on security pad and the door will be unlocked. Especially, in order to enter Hanyang Library, you need to tab your card at the entrance. Without the card, you cannot get inside.

Some professors are adopting an electronic attendance system for convenience. To mark your attendance, you have to tab your card on card reader and you will hear a “peep” sound to confirm successful attendance.

Student ID card can be used as T-money card. With Student ID card, you do not have to buy another Charge your student ID card at subway station or convenience stores to ride on subways or buses. Each card has its own T-money card number engraved on the back.

Student ID card functions as cash card as well. On the right bottom of student ID card, it states 신한카드(Shinhan Card) which means it can be used only for Shinhan bank card. To activate its function as a cash card, registration is required at Shinhan Bank. The nearest one is in Alumni’s Building. Other than above-mentioned ways, you can use student ID card to do many other things as a student at Hanyang University, so do not forget to carry it wherever you go.