T-money is pre-paid RF smartcard embedded with CPU to enable self-calculation. T-money can be used on every public transportation modes such as bus, subway, and taxi. Not only are T-Money cards convenient, but you can save 100 won on each trip. T-Money cards can be purchased at ticket windows or at your local convenience stores (CU, GS25, 7-eleven, etc).


You will find that the subway is the most efficient way to get around the city. The subway system has grown significantly over the years since the inauguration of line 1 in 1974. With eleven lines connecting various parts of the city, people in Seoul can often travel to their desired destination without the use of buses or taxis. The Seoul Metro is quite easy to use since the lines are color-coded and each station is labeled with a three-digit code. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 to approximately 24:00. The estimated travel time between subway stations are 2-3 minutes. The schedule can vary depending on the line so remember to make note of the schedule in advance. Click here for an online subway map of Seoul

There are also some useful smartphone apps for Android and iPhone which can help you find your quickest route. “Jihachul” (for Android and iOS) is an offline multilingual app which can help you move around the city quickly and efficient.


Taxis in Korea are very affordable, comfortable, and can be a convenient way to travel. There are three types of taxis in Seoul: orange, silver, and black. Orange and silver taxis are regular taxis and are identified by white and blue plastic caps on top of the car. White caps indicate privately owned taxis while blue caps are company owned cars. The basic fare for these taxis is 2400 won for the first 2km with an increase of 100 won per 144m. Keep in mind that there is a 20% fare raise from midnight to 4a.m. The black taxis are luxury taxis of which the costs are higher.